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Welcome To SupperSolutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Supper Solutions Work?

Supper Solutions starts with a menu of mouthwatering suppers that changes monthly. The meals are designed to be cooked in your home. We feature an amazing variety of meats, ethnic foods, traditional meals, sides and even desserts. First, take a look at this month's menu. Pick out a minimum of 8 suppers that you are sure to love. Keep in mind that you are in control so tailoring the meal to your taste buds is not a problem! You may make an appointment online to either come in and assemble your suppers (In Session Suppers) or we can do it for you (Suppers to Go). When you arrive at the kitchen, all of the ingredients for the suppers you chose are chopped, diced, sliced and ready for you to use! You will be given everything you need to assemble your meals and take them home including the labels that tell you how to cook the meal when you are ready. Our goal is to reduce the grocery trips, the planning, the prepping, cooking time and the clean up! Supper Solutions to the rescue! We provide you with helpful tools like suggested side dishes and an inventory list of the meals you purchased-post this list on your freezer door to help keep track of the meals you have not eaten yet. When you are down to 3 meals, it's time to order again!

Questions about Sessions and Meals
What is the difference between 'Full Size' and 'Size Wise Suppers'?
Full Size In Session Suppers feed 4-6 people and Size Wise Suppers feed 2-3 people. Most Full Size suppers come with 6 pieces of protein and Size Wise with 3.
What is the difference between 'In Session' and 'Suppers to Go'?
When you choose 'In Session', you order the meals online and then visit our kitchen to prepare your meals. On the other hand, 'Suppers to Go' allows you the same flexibility of choosing your meals, but we put the meals together. Suppers to Go costs and additional $2 per meal. You just come in and pick them up!
Can I get Size Wise Suppers at every session?
Absolutely! Mix and match your supper sizes to create exactly what your family needs!
How many people does each meal feed?
Full Size Session: 4 to 6 depending on appetite. Size Wise Session: 2 to 3 depending on appetite.
Is Nutritional information available for each meal? Are the meals healthy?

Supper Solutions has a wide variety of suppers to fit the tastes of everyone. Every item we offer has had nutritional evaluation and you may find that information at the bottom of the menu pages on this web site. The whole menu isn't a diet but with all of the information provided, you may select the suppers and sides that work best for you.

Do all of the meals freeze?
Yes, all meals have been freezer tested.
How long are the meals good for?
The nature of freezer bags is to preserve meals for approximately 4 months.
How many meals do I get with each session?
Each session you will choose a minimum of 8 meals out of 15+ meal choices available.
How long does it take to prepare my meals at Supper Solutions?
Each session will last about 1.5 to 2 hours.
My kids are very picky. Should I event try to come in to Supper Solutions?

Absolutely, the ingredients are set up for you and prepped for you but you ultimately have a choice as to everything that you add into the meal. You can leave out an ingredient or put an ingredient you like but others will not eat in a freezer bag on the side and add it to your portion at home. Additionally, there are a lot of ingredients throughout the kitchen and the staff will be able to help you think of other substitutions that may be needed to make it perfect for your family.

Is your produce organic?
Supper Solutions does offer an optional upgrade to all natural ground Beef and chicken -- however, at this time organic produce is not available.
What do I do with my meals when I get home?
Put 2 of your meals directly into your refrigerator and freeze the rest. Each time you cook a meal, pull a new one out of the freezer to start defrosting. OR, each weekend, take 3 or 4 out of the freezer and store in refrigerator so that they will defrost slowly at safe temperatures. This process will allow you to be ready for the busy week ahead. Simply come home and have a Supper Solutions meal waiting.
I've never been to Supper Solutions and do not want to order so many suppers. How can I try your food for less?
Supper Solutions offers Premade Suppers that are ready and waiting for you at any time. Stop by and just buy a couple so you can get a real taste for our suppers.  
Questions about Registration and Payment
What forms of payment do you accept?
Supper Solutions will accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Supper Solutions Gift Certificates for your convenience. Many of our locations also accept EBT/Food Stamps. Contact your local kitchen for further information
How do I purchase a Suppers Solutions gift certificate?

Gift certificates are available online from the homepage and are available for any denomination. Click the gift certificate box in the bottom right hand corner. Simply print out the gift certificate on your own printer. Gift certificates can also be 'reloaded' with funds. Gift certificates are also available at every Supper Solutions kitchen.

Do I have to register on the web site?
Our business is based on appointment times that we call 'sessions'. We prepare food based on your order so you have the freshest ingredients possible. Registering online is the preferred method, however, you are always welcome to call or come by your favorite Supper Solutions kitchen to register.
Can I bring my friend/spouse/child?
Yes, you may bring guests at no additional charge. Children are also welcome! It's amazing to see their involvement and how excited they get to eat what they have helped create.
What do I need to bring with me when attending a session?
We will provide you with disposable pans and zip=loc bags for assembling your meals. We recommend you bring laundry baskets or large coolers for taking your meals home.
If I need to cancel a session, what should I do?
Please call Supper Solutions as soon as the conflict arises. You will be refunded 100% of your payment if we are notified 5 days in advance of your session. You will receive a refund of 50% with less than 5 days notice. No refund will be given for cancellations that occur the day of the session or for no shows.
How much does each session cost?

For your convenience, our meals are all individually priced.

Questions about Special Events
Can I hold a Baby Shower at Supper Solutions?
Yes, you can! Let Supper Solutions do it ALL for you! We will provide you with balloons, the cake (according the number of attendees) and the space to hold your shower...we even provide those little angels that clean up after you.

Each guest will purchase and assemble ONE meal for the mommy-to-be providing the guest of honor with many meals to return home to after the bundle arrives.

The cost for this kind of event is $10 per attendee plus the average price per meal of ordered suppers. An upfront, nonrefundable $50 deposit is due at the time you reserve your party. If the shower attendance is at 10 people with all 10 assembling 6 suppers each, the $10 attendance fee is waived.
Does Supper Solutions host other special events?

Of course! We host bridal showers, team building events, birthday parties, boy and girl scout events to earn a cooking badge and summer cooking camps. If you have a special occasion or group that needs a new event, we've got you covered. Check out the contact us page to contact your local kitchen for more information.


General Questions?
  Suppers Solutions Franchising may be contacted via email to corporate@suppersolutionsinc.com

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